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My Go Gold For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Fundraising Page

Newfield Boys Varsity Soccer

Newfield Boys Varsity Soccer

Hello everyone,
Welcome to our team fundraising page for Newfield Boys Varsity Soccer. We are proudly participating in the Daniela Conte Foundation's Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness campaign. Our students are switching out their regular shoelaces for a pair of gold shoelaces to #TieUpforChildhoodCancer.
Please help us support the Daniela Conte Foundation by making a contribution to our team and sharing this page with your friends and family. Every dollar raised will go directly to helping a local family of a child battling cancer.
Together, we can make a difference and help provide some financial relief to these families while they are going through the hardest time of their lives.
Thank you for your support!
Newfield Boys Varsity Soccer


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